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Mosaic is my safe place!!!

Mosaic is my safe place!!!

Mosaic is my safe place!!! 2560 2560 mosaic

Mosaic is known for our high energy performances and creative youth development programs; however, our impact extends beyond the stage. This season, Mosaic reached over 4,000 students through our student matinees, and all 23 of the senior young artists class of 2019 have been accepted into college. Mosaic continues to serve communities, and our programs strives for excellence on and off the stage.  As we’re approaching auditions, we’re talking to our young artists to dig deep and understand why Mosaic is called home to many!

John Sanford, Main Stage actor, has been part of Mosaic for four years. Mosaic’s Main Stage Program immerses young artists, ages 12-18, in the Mosaic Model of Youth Development through the Arts. Young Artists are ambassadors for the city of Detroit and their generation. Through various partnerships, performances, leadership initiatives, and touring opportunities, youth engage in multiple experiences to deepen their understanding of core concepts of the Mosaic Model: Expectations, Environment & Empowerment and apply them in real time to their daily lives

John, a junior at Cass Technical High School, credits Mosaic for helping him become a well-rounded individual. John’s love for Mosaic goes beyond the stage. What he loves most is the community he’s built from being a part of the program!

The best part of Mosaic for me is the people. The performing is awesome, and the scripts and shows are great, but what I love most is the friends and family here. You don’t find this everywhere! remarks Sanford.

In a one-on-one interview with our communications manager, Jessica Byrd, John shares his lessons and love for Mosaic Youth Theatre.


JB: What is the greatest thing you’ve learned from being part of Mosaic?

JS: The greatest thing I’ve learned is that nothing is easy, everything comes with a lot of hard work. I’ve also learned that it’s best to keep the people that support you the most behind you.

JB: How has Mosaic helped you in endeavors outside of the program?

JS: Mosaic has helped me see all sides of things in life period. For example, if I fail a test in school, I have to understand the right and wrong side to improve without shutting down. Mosaic has genuinely helped me to become a better person overall. Since I’ve been in Mosaic, I’ve done a complete 160 from what I used to be. It feels awesome, and I can’t give credit to anything but Mosaic for the change.

JB: What inspired you to be apart of Mosaic?

JS: I used to sing in a church choir, and one of my choir members, Jack Williams mentioned Mosaic to me, and I decided to audition. After I heard about Mosaic from church, some of the friends who went to the same school as me were already in the program and they loved it.

JB: What would you say to someone who may be afraid to audition or may consider themselves shy. What type of encouragement would you offer?

JS: Do it!!! Mosaic will be one of the best decisions you make. It’s going to change your life completely. Coming to Mosaic is so awesome, walking through the doors of Mosaic feels so good, it’s a feeling I can’t explain. Make the right decision and come here. If you love theatre or music or see yourself performing, this will be the place for you. Mosaic will be the place that makes you grow!

Snippet of John’s monologue in Laramie.

JB: What word of advice would you give to someone coming to auditions?

JS: Come prepared for anything. Don’t come with a fake persona, come as yourself, because that’s one thing Mosaic can detect. Mosaic wants people who are genuinely themselves. Come ready, loose, and limbered!

JB: What’s one word to describe Mosaic?

JS: I’ll use two; extravagant and extraordinary!


We’re eager to meet more young artists like John! Now is your time to join our ensembles and experience excellence on and off the stage. All ages 11-17 are welcomed to audition.

Auditions are held June 12-13 & June 15. Click here to register for auditions!