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What We Do


Mosaic’s mission is to create pathways to equity and opportunity through arts experiences that engage, transform, and inspire youth and communities.

Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit empowers Detroit area youth with the skills they need to achieve excellence: on stage and in life. Through intentional, innovative programming, youth engage in comprehensive  arts training, professional mentorship, and college & career pathways support to cultivate leaders and life-long learners.

Our programs goals can be consolidated across these four strategic pillars:

CREATE confident creative thinkers through comprehensive pre-professional arts training,  leadership and personal development.

CONNECT youth to professional artists/mentors and development opportunities, equipping them with the skills and resources they need to thrive through adulthood.

PREPARE young artists for college & career pathways within the creative industry and other industries requiring creative problem solving, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and 21st century skills.

AMPLIFY the voices of young people and empower them as the next generation of leaders, artists, ambassadors and advocates for a thriving Detroit.


Strive for Excellence

Only the best, nothing less. We are committed to pursuing excellence in our programs, business operations, and partnerships. We are dedicated to investing the time and resources necessary to achieve excellence in all that we do.

Dream Boldly

We hold ourselves accountable to courageously pursuing creativity, resourcefulness, and imagination. We embrace innovative, audacious ideas that work towards accomplishing our mission.

Build Community

The uniqueness of each individual contributes to the strength and beauty of the whole. We are committed to upholding safe spaces that prioritize honesty, trust, respect, and integrity. We honor diverse perspectives, lived experiences, and expertise to enhance the communities we serve and those we are a part of creating.

Embrace Joy

We choose to embrace joy as we pursue our mission and work to spread joy to others as we connect, collaborate, create, and incite positive change in our community.


We envision Detroit area youth having equity of opportunity in arts and post- secondary education including paid creative sector leadership roles.

We envision a thriving Detroit, enriched by the brilliance and creativity of its youth, culture keepers and community members.

We envision an arts and culture industry that benefits from a strong network of  diverse and dynamic next generation creative leaders .

We envision young people transforming the world by activating the power of the arts to motivate, mobilize and make positive change.