Youth Ensembles

Discover (Grades 3-5)

Discover the joy of performing arts. Curated for young artists in the beginning stages of their artistic journey (Grades 3-5), Mosaic’s Discover experience inspires youth to be creative, curious, empathetic, and empowered members of their community through theater & music exercises, improvisation, and ensemble building.

Explore (Grades 5-8)

Explore your creative potential! In Mosaic’s Explore experience young artists (Grades 5-8) looking to build on their passion for the arts, explore character work and musicianship as they engage in reflective storytelling, enhance focus and commitment and build confidence

Immerse (Grades 8-12)

With arts as the motivating catalyst Mosaic’s Immerse track develops and inspires the behaviors and critical life and learning skills youth need to have successful, empowered lives through adulthood. Young artists (Gades 8-12) transform as they engage in intensive training, workshopping tried and true, as well as,  experimental works and cultivating their artistic voice through the creation of original work.