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The Mosaic School Residency programs will be held virtually until at least January 2021, while continuing to deliver dynamic Mosaic experiences, complete with exceptional instruction, high expectations and distinctive virtual performance opportunities, empowering youth to maximize their potential as artists and as people.

Throughout the year, young artists will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in team/ensemble building focusing on positive ensemble relationships that rely on respect, acceptance and accountability and to promote SAFE SPACE.
  • Enhance their focus and commitment through various activities that promote concentration, commitment to an assigned task and self-reflection/evaluation.
  • Engage in reflective storytelling through the creation and performance of art that engages, transforms and inspires.
  • Participate in performance opportunities, performance critiques and arts training that helps foster confidence, intrinsic motivation and self-efficacy.
  • Engage in robust performing arts training that prepares them for the stage and for life. Build life-long friendships


Young artists participating in the Mosaic School Residency program will have the opportunity to participate in two in-depth, project-based initiatives. For the first part of our program year, young artists will explore themes of hope and courage including the history of arts in social change. Variations on a Dream, a collection of devised theater and musical work collaboratively created with youth inspired by Langston Hughes’, The Dream Keeper and other Poems will be the focus of our annual MLK Day event. The second part of the year youth will engage in a multi-media, The Chronicles of Narnia, encouraging everyone to consider the novel’s timeless themes of courage, forgiveness and transformation.

In addition to the aforementioned sessions, Mosaic School Residency participants will receive invitations to participate in virtual performances and have access to Mosaic at Home resources, including pre-recorded lessons and supplemental activities.


In response to the current pandemic, Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit’s virtual learning program has been designed to adapt to school models offering virtual or small group, in-person learning, allowing programming to occur while students are in school or at home. All participants must have access to the internet, a device with access to Zoom/Google Classroom/Microsoft Teams and headphones if sessions are being held at school.


Mosaic’s First Stage program transforms young minds, inspiring youth to be creative, curious, empathetic and empowered members of their community.

This curriculum will:

  • Engage Young Artists in Team/Ensemble Building
    Since its inception, Mosaic has emphasized the importance of ensemble building as it relates to the social, emotional and artistic deportment of youth. The implementation of SAFE SPACE is a foundational component of the Mosaic Model. Positive ensemble relationships that rely on respect, acceptance and accountability helps to promote SAFE SPACE.
  • Enhance Focus and Commitment
    Mosaic designs activities in order to promote concentration, commitment to an assigned task and performance self-reflection/evaluation.
  • Create Opportunities for Young Artists to Engage in Reflective Storytelling through Performance Art
    Mosaic empowers young people to maximize their potential through professional performing arts training and through the creation of theatrical and musical art that engages, transforms and inspires.
  • Promote Self-Efficacy, Performance Confidence and Intrinsic Motivation in Young Artists
    Mosaic combines performance opportunities, performance critiques and arts training to help foster confidence. This confidence positively supports the motivation of the Young Artists.
  • Inspire Young Artists Development as Performance Artists
    Mosaic equips Young Artists with tools to build foundational skills in the arts that support performance confidence, storytelling, focus and community; sparking a lifelong interest in the arts.


  • WHO:
    Cohorts of up to 15 young artists (may be selected from mixed classroom pods)
  • WHAT:
    40 minute live, interactive sessions with select young artists via Zoom/Google Classroom/Microsoft Teams
  • WHEN:
    Weekly 40 minute sessions* with each cohort

*schedule mutually agreed upon between School and Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit.

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  • Mosaic strives to increase equitable access to high quality creative youth development programs for all Detroit area youth. Through the generous support of our funders we are able to offer reduced rates to a limited number of schools identified as Title 1 school-wide schools.  Please indicate here if your school is identified as a Title 1 school-wide school. .
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