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Meet the Class of 2023

Meet the Class of 2023

Meet the Class of 2023 1200 800 mosaic

Meet Nadia

Nadia will be attending the University of Michigan for a major in choral music education. Throughout her four years here, she has learned about the importance of communities and the value of always being prepared and flexible, no matter the situation. Nadia aspires to be a playwright while owning her own production company so that she can continue to create authentic stories that engage, transform, and inspire.

Meet Derrick

Derrick plans to attend Western Michigan University in the fall. After nine months in our program, Derrick has come out of his shell in ways he had never imagined were possible. His time at Mosaic also showed him that community involvement is of the utmost importance, and performing for the community is a great way to get involved, take creative risks, and connect to others from all walks of life.

Meet Joi

Joi plans to study Music Performance after graduating high school. For seven years, Joi has participated in Mosaic and found great value in learning how to maintain professionalism—onstage, offstage, and backstage. She loved being involved in the community and felt that guidance from DeLa, Nadia, and others in the program allowed her to see what was possible with the right attitude and mindset.

Meet Sydnie

Sydnie plans to study Nursing to fulfill her dream of becoming a Midwife. She credits her six years at Mosaic for showing her the importance of education, and for revealing the power self-confidence can have in every aspect of life. Sydnie is grateful to have learned how dedication, hard work, and “only the best, nothing less” can change your life.

Meet Devin

Devin has been with Mosaic for five years, and many of his experiences here have impacted his growth and development as a person. He’s learned that being able to share your gifts and talents with others is a gift and that being open and friendly can create new opportunities and connections for you in every aspect of life.

Meet Cece

Cece will be attending the University of Michigan in the fall to pursue a degree in political science. She credits Mosaic for showing her the importance of education and community involvement. As a young artist, she has learned the valuable skills of time management, leadership, and organization, and she is eager to apply each to her college courses and future career.

Meet Mia

Mia will be attending Howard University in the fall. Her seven years at Mosaic have taught her the importance of staying professional in any situation, and she is grateful to have seen firsthand how powerful and joyful performing can be – for artists and audiences alike.

Meet Makiah

Makiah will be attending Western Michigan University to study Musical Theater. Throughout her five years at Mosaic, she has found value in understanding there is always so much more to learn, artistically and professionally. She has loved having the opportunity to make people happy through the arts and is eager to continue to do so as she moves into her collegiate and professional career.