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30 Portraits

Meet Harron

Meet Harron 1200 800 mosaic

Mosaic taught me to commit both onstage and off. To go hard every time I hit the stage and hold nothing back. But also to commit to my craft when off the stage. Why do the thing if you’re not gonna put your whole self into it? Only the best, nothing less!

Meet Dane

Meet Dane 1200 800 mosaic

Mosaic is a source of pride within the city and globally.

It’s proof that Detroit is now, was, and will forever be a world class creative capital.

Meet Imani

Meet Imani 1200 800 mosaic

Access to the arts is fundamental in any young person’s life…..providing that for young Black students who have already been deemed criminal, uneducated, and left out of society means something. It’s life changing to be told that the talent you have can take you somewhere further than where circumstances placed you, and giving us the skillset to do so is even more powerful.

Mosaic is a home to so many young Black artists looking for one in Detroit.

Meet Sophina

Meet Sophina 1200 800 mosaic

Mosaic has given Detroit an artistic footprint and a reputation for training incredible young performers.

Mosaic is where dreams become goals.

Meet LaKeisha

Meet LaKeisha 1200 800 mosaic

Something from my Mosaic experience I carry with me in my work life is the quality I bring to all that I do.

“Only the Best, Nothing Less”, Mosaic’s motto, which also is applicable to my life in general. I work hard, and I bring my best and my full heart to all that I do – that started when we learned to bring our all to the stage so many years ago.