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Variations on a Dream

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This year, we want to celebrate MLK Day in true Mosaic fashion… With music, theater, dance, poetry, and more, we’ll immerse ourselves in the resounding themes of hope, peace, and opportunity through our 3-day virtual event: Variations on a Dream.

Variations on a Dream is a collection of new works that examine race, power, privilege and the combined forces of hope and courage. Through performance and dialogue, Variations on a Dream will take audiences on a journey that explores current socio-political challenges and creates spaces for conversation and healing to bridge communities.

Variations on a Dream will be a three-day virtual event (occurring January 16-18) about harnessing one’s power, embracing one’s own voice, and embodying your own truth. Pieces will focus around the work of Langston Hughes and Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Day 1 (January 16):
Be inspired by the words and hearts of young artists who envision a brighter future for us all. Newly created performances by the young artists for this moment will broadcast via Facebook.

Day 2 (January 17):
Ensemble performances from our talented young artists will broadcast live on Facebook and will focus on each theme of the program.

Day 3 (January 18):
Join us for the premiere of “Variations on a Dream” a newly commissioned work by John Sloan III, and curated selections of young artists created work inspired by the dream of Martin Luther King, the poetry of Langston Hughes, and the vision of our youth on the BIG SCREEN at the Ford Drive-In in Dearborn. Join us IN PERSON, but from the distance of your cars. Cost is $25 per car. LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE!

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