Mosaic 2025


The Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, synonymous with excellence, innovation and opportunity, transforms the lives of youth by being the most respected and admired youth performing arts organization in the world. Setting high expectations, nurturing a secure and supportive environment, and empowering young artists creates a safe place for people to thrive and live their passions. Requests for performances come from across the United States, and from countries around the globe. These performances reflect and promote the city of Detroit’s unique artistic culture, and provide significant financial support.

Based in Detroit, Mosaic’s stage welcomes youth with talent and a love of the arts, and tailors approaches to youth from all social and economic backgrounds. The focus on providing opportunities for positive youth development through performing arts training remains the soul of all activities. High expectations, a safe environment, and active participation builds skills, confidence and self-esteem. All young artists go on to live extraordinary lives and make positive contributions to society in their respective fields. Alumni continue their commitment to Mosaic by being active volunteers, contributors, and members of the staff and audience.

A multi-tiered approach to programming reaches young artists at various levels of artistic development. The schedule of performances includes a robust season of plays and concerts held at Mosaic and in professional venues. There is a strong affinity for the local community, and Mosaic serves as a showcase for people that live in the region.

While Mosaic’s focus is the artistic and professional development of its students, strong relationships with various Metro Detroit service organizations help support young artist’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Wherever they go, Mosaic alumni are considered highly trained in the arts with a strong work-ethic. Because of this, Mosaic’s Annual city-wide college fair and invitational is well attended by the country’s top universities looking to recruit high-performing students.

Additional support for Mosaic comes from within and outside of the organization. Well-respected and recognized artists actively pursue opportunities to serve as staff. Staff are passionate about both their work and being part of a truly special place. Professional artists seek out Mosaic to teach and share their gifts with the community. Volunteers and parents are supportive and willingly give of their time and energy. An enthusiastic and sustained core audience supports Mosaic with their loyal following, attendance and financial support.

Diversified revenue comes from public and private sources. Mosaic recordings are the highest selling of any youth art group in history. Individual donors and tickets sales provide a significant base of unrestricted funds. Foundations and corporations actively seek out Mosaic to provide funding, secure in the knowledge that their gifts will be reported with measurable, positive outcome data. A culture of philanthropy exists, with 100% giving from staff, Board and volunteers.

This once small youth group in Detroit that created the Mosaic Model, and began with the musical Runaways, now ‘runs’ around the world sharing a model of artistic youth development.