The Mosaic Black box theatre is a 90 seat capacity theatre.

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Mosaic Second Stage Actors Present

A Stranger on the Bus

The audience experiences the landmark Swann v. Board of Education case that completed the integration of American schools through the dream of a young African-American girl injured in a public school riot. With Jim Crow appearing in the guise of a giant trickster bird to battle the forces of progress, this award-winning epic begins at World War II and journeys to the moment when two innocent children can sit side by side en route to a new era in our nation’s history.


Mosaic Second Stage Singers Present

Dancing in the Streets!

Join the Second Stage Singers for their spring concert. The concert features traditional, contemporary choral, world music and a delightful show choir repertoire. The entire performance is imbued with the joy and desire to dance that the Motown sound inspires. If you’re a lover of the music of Motown you’ll love this show.

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