Touring Productions 

This season, Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit has prepared two fantastic touring performances for students of all ages to experience the performing arts. From the stage direct to your school, Mosaic’s Touring Performances inspire students to find their own voice, tell their own stories, and imagine the role they may someday play in our community. 

Speak For YourselfSpeak For Yourself, is an entertaining and fast-paced short play that examines race and stereotypes through the dialogue of teenagers. This one act play (not a musical), was written thorough a symposium of youth dialogues hosted by the University of Michigan. The dialogue that is performed in the play is real, from actual local teenagers. This high energy comedic play effectively addresses a subject that is often uncomfortable to discuss. This show is excellent for schools, churches and youth groups where young people make up most of the audience. Along with the performance there is a talk-back with the actors after the show. The talk-back is an important part of this program. The talk-back provides an excellent opportunity for the audience and the actors to discuss the issues in the play in a safe and positive way. The impact of the talk-back is often just as important and valuable as the performance itself.
(Run time: 40 minutes – 60 minutes with talk-back)
Dance To The MusicDance To The Music, is a vocal concert featuring the Mosaic Main Stage Singers. Known for a upholding the highest standards in vocal performance, this show delivers the sound and quality that the Mosaic Singers are internationally recognized for. Act 1 is more of a traditional coral concert performed with both precision and joy. Act 2 is full of energy, and history, and as the title implies, it will keep you moving and singing along to favorite radio and club hits from the 60’s to the present. Narration in-between songs guides you on a educational journey through popular music and dance. In Dance To The Music, you will experience the beautiful voices of the Mosaic Singers, as well as their high energy choreography. The result is a fast and fun dance party, Mosaic Singers style. This show can be booked and performed as just Act 1, or just Act 2. (Run time: Act 1 – approx 45 minutes, Act 2 – approx 45 minutes).
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