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“Excellence on Stage and in Life: The Mosaic Model for Youth Development through the Arts” by Mosaic Founder, Rick Sperling

Mosaic Founder, Rick Sperling is one of the most sought-after speakers in the nation on the subject of “Youth Development through the Arts.”

Developing and maintaining a “High Expectations” culture of excellence, a supportive “Safe Space” environment, and opportunities for youth leadership (Expectations, Environment, Empowerment) are the essential elements of the Mosaic Model.  This model has been shown by a three-year University of Michigan study to develop in youth; 1) artistic, life and workplace skills; 2) confidence, strong ambitions and a positive sense of self; and 3) the ability to thrive as members of a diverse society (Skills, Self, Society).

The Mosaic Model In Action

 “Excellence on Stage and in Life: The Mosaic Model for Youth Development through the Arts” enhanced by the live participation of 8-16 young arts of Mosaic. The involvement of the Mosaic young artists allows the audience to see both the theory and the practice of the Mosaic Model and get a full and vibrant sense of the dynamic energy of Mosaic programs.


Theatre Techniques for the Classroom

For Adults Working with Youth in Schools, Community Centers or Youth Programs

This is a hands-on, professional development workshop for up to 30 adults who work with youth ages 6-18. The workshop includes a brief overview of Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, the Mosaic Model of Youth Development through the Arts and the impact of the arts on the personal, academic and social development of youth.

An Introduction to the Mosaic Experience

For Youth ages 7-10 or 11-18

This is a hands-on workshop for up to 30 youth. The Mosaic facilitator leads participants through a variety of theatre games and performance exercises which focus on community/ensemble building, creativity, focus, listening skills, 100% commitment and self-expression. 

Mosaic Experience Empowerment Project

For Detroit middle schools and ninth grade academies

 We are excited to bring professional performing arts teachers to Detroit middle schools and ninth grade academies schools that would like to introduce their students to a powerful experience in the arts that engages, transforms and inspires!

The Mosaic Experience Empowerment Project (MEEP) provides professional artists for short term residencies to work with the student body (up to 55 youth) to cultivate a performance and encourage excellence through the Mosaic Model.

Each residency also includes a performance by the internationally acclaimed Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit youth ensemble at your school!

Custom-Designed Workshops

For All Ages

Mosaic is able to custom-design workshops to meet the needs of your organization. 

Examples of other workshops custom-designed in the past include:

  • “Stage Presence and Performance Techniques for Teaching Assistants” for University of Michigan
  • “Leading Theatre Workshops” for youth instructors at Flint Institute of Music
  • “Theatre Techniques for Team-Building” for several organizations.
  • “TADA! Vocal Music, Theatre and Creative Movement for beginners”  for Arts Academy in the Woods Summer Camp
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