Mosaic Alumni

Only the Best, Nothing Less!

Since 1992, Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit has helped the young artists excel in life and on the stage. From helping develop leadership skills, to boosting creativity and confidence, Mosaic has shaped the lives of countless artists.

We encourage you to stay connected to Mosaic Alumni news and events, and share your successes professionally and personally. 

Email with your success stories and life updates. We would love to hear and share them! 

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Alumni Profile

Lauren Scales

Years in the company: 6
Favorite Mosaic Memory: Perform-a-thon
Advice for current company members:
The key to success is always time management, and you have to believe in yourself before anyone else will believe in you.
What are you up to now? (and how did you get there?)
I recently graduated from the University of Michigan, and am now working with Mosaic as Assistant Music Director and Accompanist for Main Stage, and Second Stage Music Director
Describe Mosaic in 3 words: Safe-haven, Demanding, Rewarding
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